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Andrea Villamizar Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Affair

Here is the detail about Andrea Villamizar Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Affair, and much more. Andrea Villamizar is the wife of baseball catcher Willson Contreras. Andrea Villamizar became well-known due to her marriage to famous baseball catcher Willson Contreras. It’s interesting to note that this passionate couple is from Venezuela. Willson Contreras, Andrea’s spouse, is a free agent and was a member of the Chicago Cubs’ 2016 World Series-winning team. He also received the 2017 “MLB Player of the Week Award.”

Andrea Villamizar Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Affair

Andrea Villamizar Net Worth:

Andrea Villamizar’s estimated net worth is $5 million. However, Willson Contreras, the spouse of Andrea Villamizar, received an average wage of $507,500 for his first professional deal in 2016. His pay and amount of contracts have only gone up since then. According to reports, he was paid $4,500,000 in 2020, when his contract reached the million-dollar level.

Furthermore, in 2021, Willson received an annual compensation of $6,650,000, which rose to $9,625,000 in 2022. Including all of his assets and royalties, his estimated net worth is $21 million.


Full NameAndrea Villamizar
Date Of BirthJuly 15, 1994
Age29 Years Old
HusbandWillson Contreras
Net Worth$5 Million


Andrea Villamizar, a Venezuelan native born on July 15, 1994, became widely recognized for her marriage to the renowned baseball catcher Willson Contreras. At 28 years old, she is a young and attractive lady who has dedicated herself to supporting her spouse throughout his baseball career. While Andrea doesn’t maintain a highly visible online presence, using the Instagram handle @villamizarandrea with over 1,650 followers, her profile remains private. In contrast, Willson Contreras, her husband, enjoys a substantial social media following with more than 305,000 followers on Instagram (@willsoncontreras40) and over 20,000 on Twitter (@Wcontreras42).

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Andrea Villamizar Age:

Andrea Villamizar was born on July 15, 1994. She is 29 years old now. She is a very attractive young lady.

Professional Career Of Andrea Villamiza:

She uses the moniker @villamizarandrea on Instagram. She has over 511 posts and over 1650 followers as of 2023. Sadly, her account is private, so we have no idea what kinds of images and videos she uploads. On the other hand, Willson Contreras, her spouse, uses social media very frequently.

More than 305k people follow Willson on Instagram at @willsoncontreras40, and more than 20k follow him on Twitter at @Wcontreras42. Despite not posting frequently on Instagram, he often tweets on Twitter. His two accounts have already been validated.

Willson and Andrea Were Designed to Be Together Ever since their fatal first encounter, Willson and Andrea have spent almost all of their time together. You can constantly see Andrea Villamizar supporting Willson during his matches. She gives him a lot of support.

They have been together for over five years, and they have never disagreed. Nothing negative has ever been said about their relationship or extramarital activities.

Height And Weight Of Andrea Villamizar:

Andrea’s physical attributes, including her height and weight, remain private, much like her personal life and social media accounts. Her focus has primarily been on supporting her spouse throughout his successful baseball career, and she continues to maintain a low-key lifestyle despite becoming well-known due to her marriage to the prominent sports figure.

Affairs And Marital Life Of Andrea Villamizar?

Andrea was an ordinary girl leading a normal life before she got married. She was not well-known; thus, nobody in the world knew about her. However, the situation has changed since she is now the spouse of a famous baseball star who is comparable to Nina Altuve.

Even though Andrea is now well-known, she still chooses a low-key way of living. Her previous lifestyle before being married to Willson Contreras. She lived a modest life and didn’t flaunt herself much in public, even after becoming famous.

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Willson and Andrea, a charming couple, are currently wed. They went on several dates before being hitched. They arranged to get married in Chicago on Thursday, May 3, 2018, after getting to know one another.

Only their close friends and family were invited to the private ceremony. Willson’s team was getting ready for their game versus the Cardinals during the ceremony. On Friday, his teammates gave him embraces and shouts even though they were unable to attend his wedding. Even after being married for a number of years, Andrea and Willson are not yet parents.

Who Is The Husband Of Andrea Villamizar?

Baseball catcher Willson Contreras is the husband of Andrea Villamizar. He plays professionally. He is a baseball player in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the St. Louis Cardinals. Contreras is renowned for his powerful arm, superb defensive abilities, and skill with pitching staff management. With the Chicago Cubs, he made his Major League Baseball debut in 2016 and became an important member right away.

How Did Andrea Villamizar And Willson Contreras Meet?

The couple’s May 3, 2018, wedding date is the sole information that is currently in the public domain. Despite their great love and support for one another, they don’t often share photos of their relationship on social media.

Facts About Andrea Villamizar:

  • Venezuela is where Andrea Villamizar was born and raised
  • She isn’t a media figure, as everyone is aware. Either way, she became well-known as the better half of Willson Contreras
  • She is much younger than her romantic partner


Andrea Villamizar’s life is a testament to her unwavering support for her husband, baseball catcher Willson Contreras. Their peaceful and harmonious relationship, despite the challenges of fame, stands as an inspirational example of love and commitment. Andrea’s modest and private lifestyle reflects her values and dedication to her husband’s successful career.

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