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Ariana Saavedra Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Height, Affairs

Here is the detail about Ariana Saavedra Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Height, Affairs, and much more. Actress Ariana Saavedra is from Venezuela. She is connected to the talent management firm Jim Management. This star is really popular on Instagram. She has a large following and is an active user. Ariana’s role as Julieta Lazcano in the distinctive Netflix series Dark Desire has made her well-known. In addition, Ariana Saavedra is well-known for her role in the 2020 film Control Z.

The performer portrays Regina, the character that Control Z fans adore the most and who appears in 16 episodes. In the movie Control Z, a programmer begins disclosing understudies’ personal information to the entire secondary school. At the same time, Sofa, a thoughtful but socially awkward youngster, tries to figure out who they are.

Ariana Saavedra Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Height, Affairs

Ariana Saavedra Net Worth:

As of 2023, Ariana Nava Saavedra’s estimated net worth is $5 million. This sum comes from her long-acting career in addition to other investments. The performer still has a ton of career opportunities ahead of her despite having amassed a respectable sum of money to date.


Full NameAriana Nava Saavedra
Date Of BirthNovember 25, 1996
Age27 Years Old (As Of 2023)
Height5 Feet And 6 Inches
Weight57 Kg
Net Worth$5 Million

Ariana Saavedra Biography:

Ariana Saavedra was born on November 25, 1996. She wanted to become a performer since she always had a lot of energy for acting. Ariana enjoys acting and singing. Her favorite music is Latin American stone tunes and salsa moves. In addition, she adores salsa musician Willie Colon.

Her acting career is the main source of her income. She also does demonstrations and is a model on a minimal maintenance basis.

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Ariana Saavedra Age:

Ariana Saavedra was born on November 25, 1996. She is 27 years old now (As of 2023).

Educational background of Ariana Saavedra:

Ariana Saavedra graduated from high school and attended university with good grades. She was a brilliant student throughout her education.

Professional Career Of Ariana Saavedra:

Ariana Saavedra is a gifted actress from Venezuela who has achieved great success in the entertainment business. She is a member of the prestigious Jim Management talent management company and has established herself as an Instagram rising star with a sizable and active following. Ariana Saavedra shot to fame with her breakout part as Julieta Lazcano in the Netflix series “Dark Desire.”

She kept drawing praise for Regina in the 2020 movie “Control Z.” Ariana Saavedra excels in this series as a beloved character by viewers. The story follows a hacker who exposes Colegio Nacional students’ secrets as Sofía attempts to figure out who is responsible for the breach.

Ariana Saavedra In “Control Z” Series:

Developed by Lemon Studios for Netflix, Control Z is a Mexican teen drama streaming television series that was created by Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi, and Miguel Garcia Moreno. It debuted on May 22, 2020.

Zion Moreno, Yankel Stevan, Michael Ronda, and Ana Valeria Becerril are the show’s stars. Regina is taken on by Ariana. The program centers on a hacker at Colegio Nacional (National School) who starts disclosing student secrets to the whole high school. Sofia, who is perceptive despite her social isolation, tries to find out who is behind the breach.

Height And Weight Of Ariana Saavedra:

Ariana Saavedra has incredibly impressive body measurements that show her commitment to health and fitness in addition to being aesthetically beautiful. She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 57 kg. Her flawlessly proportioned hourglass body accentuates her inherent beauty and draws attention to the advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle. Many find inspiration in Melissa’s body measurements, which serve as a reminder of the value of self-care and the amazing outcomes that can be attained with dedication and hard effort.

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Affairs of Ariana Saavedra:

No, Ariana Saavedra is not currently in a relationship. In a similar vein, she hasn’t been seeing anyone. She is at the top of her game, shooting all over the world, and not having the time or energy to manage a relationship right now. This could be a major factor in her decision not to date anyone. Furthermore, Ariana has yet to discuss her previous dating experiences with the general public.

Ariana Saavedra Social Media Handles:

Ariana Saavedra uses Instagram and other social media sites frequently. On the platform, she is accessible under the username @arianasaavedra. After further examining her profile, we discovered that, as of the time of writing, she had over 127k followers and 1736 posts. Typically, the actress shares her photos on social media.

Ariana Saavedra Facts:

  • Her full name is Ariana Nava Saavedra
  • Entertainer Ariana Saavedra is from Venezuela
  • Although the woman has an IMDb, she does not have a Wikipedia page
  • Saavedra identifies as Venezuelan. She is a follower of Jesus Christ
  • Ariana is a stunning woman. Her character is just amazing. She also has an exciting figure and a decent height
  • Saavedra isn’t dating anybody
  • Ariana enjoys moving and singing
  • Latin American stone songs and salsa dance are her top choices. In addition, she is a huge fan of salsa singer Willie Colon
  • In 2017, Nava emerged from a temporary position. Because of the brief duration of the work, she appeared in three different movies that year. She then appeared in the films “Charge Z,” “La Dosis Perfecta – Dissident Felines,” and “Rope and Cami – Odio que no te Odio.”
  • Ariana has not appeared as the featured performer in any movies or shows. She is still honing her skills and becoming ready.
  • Saavedra is currently not well compensated. She continues to live a showering lifestyle. Her Instagram photos clearly show this
  • Ariana has a very large following on Instagram. She uses it to share photos that demonstrate concepts.
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