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Dasany Kristal Gonzalez Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Height

Here is the detail about Dasany Kristal Gonzalez Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Height, and much more. Dasany Kristal Gonzalez was born in 1999 in America. As of 2023, she is 24 years old. She is the daughter of Dominican-American actress Dasch Polanco, who gained popularity for her part in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Dasany Kristal Gonzalez Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Height

Dasany Kristal Gonzalez Net Worth:

Dasany Kristal Gonzalez is a well-known television actress who has kept up a good lifestyle. Her lucrative work brings her a good salary. Speaking of her net worth, it is reported to be $2 million. In a similar vein, popular actress Dascha Polanco is said to have a $5 million fortune. She is currently leading a joyful and wealthy life.


NameDasany Kristal Gonzalez
Birth Year1999
Birth PlaceAmerica
Age24 years
Net worth$2 Million

Biography Of Dasany Kristal Gonzalez:

Dasany Kristal Gonzalez is a renowned and intelligent individual best recognized for her work as a television actor. She is well-known for being the daughter of famous Dominican-American actress Dascha Polanco. Since she was a little child, she has been fascinated by performing. She succeeded professionally by pursuing her passion.

Dasany is well-known for her exceptional performance in the Netflix satirical series “Youthful Days” of “Orange Is the New Black.” Right now, this arrangement is the most beloved. Dasany’s role as Zoe Perry’s kid in the next season has been revealed. She gained a large following and fan base as a result of her acting abilities.

Dasany Kristal Gonzalez Age:

Dasany Kristal Gonzalez was born in 1999 in America. As of 2023, she is 24 years old. She is the daughter of Dominican-American actress Dasch Polanco.

Early Life Of Dasany Kristal Gonzalez:

Dasany Kristal Gonzalez, an actress, was born in the US in 1999 to her parents. Dasany was born in the United States and is of Hispanic and Dominican descent. Born to renowned actress Dascha Polanco, she is an actress herself. Growing up, Kristal was the oldest kid in the family.

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When Dascha gave birth to Dasany, she was just eighteen years old. Many of her fans think she has multiple siblings in addition to her family. Conversely, the general public only knows about Aryam. Gonzalez’s mother and she both fiercely protect their area.

Professional Career Of Dasany Kristal Gonzalez:

Because of her mother’s popularity as an actress, Dasani Kristal Gonzalez is a rapidly emerging star in the entertainment industry. Since she was a little child, the actress has always been interested in performing in her field. She is currently making a name for herself in the acting world and climbing the success ladder rapidly.

In 2014, she made her acting debut on the hit show Orange is the New Black. In the role, Dasany portrayed a 14-year-old Dayanara, a younger take on her mother’s role. Given that she had already achieved some notoriety as Dascha’s daughter, the film’s popularity catapulted her into the spotlight.

Dasany has lately expanded her career by entering the music sector, giving the impression that she is more diverse than her mother. She has shared a number of pictures of herself at a recording studio on her Instagram feed. She just shared a music video on YouTube with a song she co-wrote with Pretty Yann. Over 4K views and 100K likes have been given to the video.


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Height And Weight Of Dasany Kristal Gonzalez:

At 5 feet, 2 inches (1.57 meters and 157 centimetres) tall, Dasany Kristal Gonzalez is less than the average height of American women over 20 years old, according to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to statistics provided by the government, the average height of American women is 5 feet 4 inches, or 1.62 meters and 162 centimeters in the metric system. So, she has an ideal height. She has a pair of brown eyes and black hair.

Affairs Of Dasany Kristal Gonzalez:

The young actress Dasany is not currently in a relationship. Moreover, she is happy to be unmarried for the time being. She also seems content with her current circumstances. Kristal would rather remain hidden from the public eye. She doesn’t reveal the names of her past relationships to the public.

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Moreover, there are no unfavorable reports or controversies around the well-known youngster. She may also be discreetly dating someone. Because of her reclusive nature, she keeps her romantic life a secret from her fans and followers. Therefore, at this point, all we can do is speculate and make well-informed assumptions.

Social Media Of Dasany Kristal Gonzalez:

Rising sensation Dasany Kristal Gonzalez works hard to keep her fans continually interested, both on and off-screen. She is quite active on Instagram and frequently shares photos of herself at different times. The youthful actress @princess.sany has more than 78k Instagram followers. She recently posted a song video to her newly created YouTube page.

Facts About Dasany Kristal Gonzalez:

  • Dasany Kristal Gonzalez is a well-known and intelligent individual who is primarily renowned for her roles on television.
  • Her most famous role is that of Dascha Polanco’s daughter. Actress Dascha Polanco is well-known for being Dominican-American.
  • She is regarded as having a net worth of $2 million due to her prominence as an actor.
  • She doesn’t use any social networking sites.
  • Dasany gained notoriety for her breakthrough role in the comedy series “Orange Is the New Black” on Netflix, “Youthful Days.”The ethnicity of Dasany Kristal Gonzal is African.
  • Of Dascha’s two children, Dasany is the oldest.
  • Aryam Gonzalez, her brother, is 12 years old.
  • Ruben Dario Polanco and Janet Polanco are her grandparents.
  • Her mother and she have not disclosed her father’s identity.
  • As a kid star, Dasany has considerable popularity on Instagram, where she has over 95,000 followers as of the time of this writing.
  • Dasany enjoys sharing her looks and hairstyles on her Instagram page.
  • The name of Dasany’s YouTube channel is “All About Sany.”

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