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Eleanor Talitha Bailey Age, Wiki, Mother Name, Siblings

Here is the detail of Eleanor Talitha Bailey Age, Wiki, Mother Name, Siblings, and much more. Eleanor Talitha Bailey is a young girl who is getting fame day by day. She is known because of her mother who is an actress and a model. Her mother’s name is Devon Aoki. She has a large family in which every member loved her so much. As she is young, but lot of maturity is present in her which is shown by her way of speaking and attitude.

She has amazing skills in modelling comes from her mother. Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s mother is a very noble lady as she manages to support her family and work equally. Eleanor Talitha Bailey has amazing features and is a very gorgeous girl. Whenever someone looks at her they fall in love with her because she is attractive and has great features. Her physique is also good and heart-touching.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Age, Wiki, Mother Name, Siblings

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Age:

She has 3 siblings in which there are 2 sisters and 1 brother. Her brother’s name is James Thunder Jr who is older than her and takes care of Eleanor Talitha Bailey. Eleanor Talitha Bailey is so lucky to have such a beautiful family where every member loves each other and supports each other in every matter. Eleanor Talitha Bailey is just 9 year old girl and she is so pretty and cute.

Talking about her religion she is Christian. Her birth place is the United States and she is American by nationality. She celebrates her birthday on February 12. In 2015, she came into the family of Devon Aoki. Her father’s name is James Bailey. Her birth sign is Aquarius.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Siblings:

Eleanor Talitha Bailey shares a cute bond with her siblings. Her brother is 13 years old and is younger than Eleanor Talitha Bailey. She has a lot of attachment to her brother. Her brother is not so much aged to tell her what is wrong or what is right but he always tries to support his sisters and guide them to the right path. He is so much handsome and is loved by most of the people.

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At this young age, James Hunter J the brother of Eleanor Talitha Bailey has a huge fan following. He is just 13 years old but has amazing skills and talent. He lived with Eleanor Talitha Bailey so much and both of them shared everything. Eleanor Talitha Bailey has two sisters. One is Evelyn Bailey who is so much young as she is just 4 years old girl. She is very cute and looks like a doll. Eleanor Talitha Bailey loved her younger sister and always tried to spend most of the time with her.

Evelyn Bailey was born in 2020 and now her age is just 4 years. She is gorgeous and resembles her sister Eleanor Talitha Bailey. The other sister of Eleanor Talitha Bailey is Alessandra Linville Bailey who is 12 years old and also older than Eleanor Talitha Bailey. Alessandra was born on February 12, 2013, and she is so very talented. Eleanor Talitha Bailey shares a cute bond with her sister Alessandra.

Both these sisters are always together and when they come in public they always remain together and look beautiful. Both have attractive features. All of these siblings have good faces and are talented. They have a fan following which is increasing day by day.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Parents:

Eleanor Talitha Bailey has a very famous mother. Her mother’s name is Devon Aoki she is an actress and model in America. She is so such a pretty girl. Her mother looks very young and cute. Her father’s name is James Bailey. Both her mother and father love her so much and also love each other. This family is loving and caring and the care they show for each other is the care that every single person wants in their family. Dewon Aoki is an actress and has an amazing talent. Her acting is worth watching and looks very real. She always slays whenever she performs some role.

The Father of Devon Aoki, also the grandfather of Eleanor Talitha Bailey is Hiroaki Aoki. He was a former Olympic wrestler and was very famous but now he died. Devon started her modeling career from a very young age which is just 13 years. And now her daughter Eleanor Talitha Bailey also got the talent of modelling and acting from her mother. Eleanor Talitha Bailey is so lucky to have such supportive and loving parents who allow her to do what she wants. This family is loved by their fans so much and their fans want them to be together till the end.

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Eleanor Talitha Bailey has a mother whose name is Devon Aoki. She is an actress and a model. She is multi-talented and has a lot of talent. Whenever she performed some role her energy and focus on her role showed that she is so much concerned about her work. She always does next-level acting and breaks all records. Talking about her modelling, she is a great model who maintains her fitness level and has amazing features.


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Her beauty is next level and she has four children but she maintained her fitness level. She always goes to the gym to remain fit and fine. Devon Aoki was born in 1982 on August 10. She still looks good and pretty. Her net worth is good and she is living a very luxurious life. In All of her income, she spends most money on her family and buying houses and cars. Her father’s name is Hiroaki Aoki. Her husband’s name is James Bailey.


Eleanor Talitha Bailey is a young girl who is just 9 years old. She is involved in a modelling career. Her mother is a famous actress and model. All members of this family lived with each other. All of her siblings are beautiful and have attractive features. Her mother and father show a great amount of love to her.

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