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Kathleen Hixson Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Tiktoker, Height

Here is the detail of Kathleen Hixson Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Tiktoker, Height, Weight, and much more. Kathleen Hixson is a very famous star. She makes videos on TikTok and gets a lot of likes and comments on her videos. Her every video took the heart of her fans.

When she was young she wanted to become an actress and do acting but when she started making TikTok she felt that she could be a good TikTok. Now she is the world’s most famous TikTok influencer. Moreover, she is famous because of her lip sync and dancing videos on TikTok.

Kathleen Hixson Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Tiktoker, Height

Kathleen Hixson Wiki:

Kathleen Hixson does accurate lip sync on her TikTok videos which makes her fans increasing day by day. She chooses difficult songs and does lip sync on them which makes it clear that she is one of the best TikTok influencers. She has a fit body and does dancing properly.

When she was a child she danced in her house and enjoyed it now she is performing in front of the whole world and has so many likes. There are a lot of likes on her every video because her fans love her videos. All of the comments are good and have great wishes for her. People love her videos and wait for her to post new videos daily.

Kathleen Hixson Net Worth:

Kathleen Hixson has a huge amount of money as a net worth. She didn’t disclose her net worth but as she has a lot of followers and her popularity shows that she is earning a lot of money as a net worth. She earns a lot of money because of TikTok. Her main source of income is TikTok. Apart from TikTok she also got money by performing roles in different series and as her social media accounts gained a lot of followers she got money from social media accounts also.

Kathleen Hixson is living a happily luxurious life and fulfilling her all needs because she has enough money to live the life she wants to liveShe also supports her family with her money because her net worth is a huge amount. She always wanted independence and now she is living her life happily as an independent woman who can fulfil her all wishes.

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Kathleen Hixson Age:

Currently, her age is 24 and her birthday is 29 April 2000. She is a young and pretty girl and her fans are spread worldwide. She was born in the United States and now she is a popular TikTok influencer in the United States. Talking about her figure she is a very much fit girl and always maintains herself by doing fitness exercises.

Physical Appearance:

Kathleen Hixson has a great figure. She is popular also because of her amazing features which makes her fans want to her. Her height is 5’7 which is great for her age. Everyone wants this type of height which Kathleen Hixson has. Kathleen Hixson takes so much care of her figure and health. She always goes to the gym to maintain her fitness level and also eats a healthy diet. She doesn’t want a fat body that’s why she eats healthy items that maintain her figure cool and calm. Her weight is 54 kgs which is very much appreciable because she maintained her fitness level so much.

Her figure looks amazing and most people fall in love with her because of her looks. She is a gorgeous lady that’s why she has a lot of fans all over the world. Not only in the United States, her fans belong to every part of the world. Her hair colour is Brown looks fabulous on her Kathleen Hixson has an amazing personality. Apart from her physical features she also has a good heart.

Kathleen Hixson Followers:

Kathleen Hixson has accounts on her YouTube and Instagram. There are so many followers on her accounts from where she got money. Her income sources are also her social media accounts. She is not so much active on YouTube but on Instagram, she posted a lot of pictures of her. Kathleen Hixson fans waited for her to post some new pictures because they wanted to see her.

There are so many good comments on her Instagram account on each of her posts. This makes her so much happy and that’s the reason she loves her fans so much. Whenever she posted a new pic on her Instagram account her likes and comments increased rapidly.

  • Instagram Followers:
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There are 300k+ followers on her Instagram account @kathleen.hixson. Although followers are not that much in number because she made an Instagram account recently and she is getting a great response from her fans day by day. Her followers are also increasing in number. She posted her lip sync dancing videos on her account also. As she is a TikTok star she has an account on TikTok also where there are so many followers of her.

  • Twitter:

But on Twitter, she does not have an account because she doesn’t want to use Twitter.

  • YouTube Subscribers:

Her subscribers on YouTube are 319k which is also very good. She posted only some videos on her YouTube channel. On Instagram, she got a lot of DMs of people showing their love for her. She always tries to reply to some of the comments as she is very busy in her life.

But she always tries to have some time for her fans also. Because of her social media accounts, she got money which caused an increase in her net worth also.


Kathleen Hixson is a great TikTok star and influencer. Because of her beautiful acting many people want her to do films because she is so much pretty. Her likes and comments on her pictures and videos reach millions and break all the records. She has beautiful features which enhance her beauty.

Her skills are amazing in doing perfect lip-sync and dancing. In dancing her moves are accurate and according to the song, there are so many fans and followers of her who wait for her to meet them because they love her so much.

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