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Lori Matsuoka Age, Height, Husband Name, Net Worth, Career

This article will tell you the complete details regarding Lori Matsuoka Age, Height, Husband Name, Net Worth, Career, education, social media presence, and other details. Lori Matsuoka is a professional blogger, and businesswoman and is also known for being the wife of famous NBA player Bill Walton. Both are famous for their professions and they earn a good amount of money as well. Talking about Lori Matsuoka is an American passport holder and has been living in America for a long time. Along with this, her birthplace is California but the confirmed date of birth is not announced.

She has a mixed ethnicity and has a mixed background including Japanese, Chinese, and Hawaiian investors. She wants to keep her life much private in her professional starting but now Lori Matsuoka is known for being a great blogger and entrepreneur as well. When we talk about her husband, he is Bill Walton. She is the second wife of Bill Walton. He is a professional NBA player who has played for the NBA for a very long time in the past. Right now, he is serving as a TV sports commentator. Till now, they have been living together for 32 years and more.

Lori Matsuoka Age, Height, Husband Name, Net Worth, Career

Lori Matsuoka Age:

When we discuss Lori Matsuoka’s Age, then she has not disclosed it yet on social media. This is because she is very conscious about telling her age to the public. But it is said that she looks young as compared to her age depicted from her marriage period.

Who is Lori Matsuoka’s Husband?

Lori Matsuoka’s Husband’s name is Bill Walton. Bill Walton is a very famous sportsman. He has played previously for the NBA. Right now he is a sports commentator and is earning a good income through this profession. As she started dating Bill Walton, Lori Matsuoka started getting much fame. When she was married to him, she got much fame and was raised to the heights of prominence as well.

This is a very charming couple and share a great bond. They have been in a relationship for some time and after that, they married each other in 1991. They got married which was a very stunning ceremony in which they invited their loved ones.

  • She is the second wife of Bill Walton, while his first wife was Susan Guth.
  • When we talk about his first wife, he dated Susan in 1978 and then they were married in 1979.
  • But after that, they lived together for 11 years.
  • After 11 years in 1989, they were separated and divorced each other. This was because of some personal conflicts that are not shared on social media.
  • In these 11 years, they had four sons named Chris Walton, Luke, Nathan, and Adam.
  • But after that, Bill Walton married Lori Matsuoka. But they don’t have any children together till now. Although they don’t have any children, they are living beautifully together with each other. This is because there is a great understanding between the two.
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Career Details:

  • She has gained her education in the fields of sociology and business. After that, she started working in the field of sales and marketing.
  • While working in this field she earns a good amount of salary. But after that, she was not satisfied with her job.
  • So she decided to quit her sales and managing employment.
  • After that, Lori Matsuoka became a part of Giving Back magazine. This is an online blog for which now she is working and earning a good amount of money.
  • Right now, she is also working at BdaKiNE.com. This is an online magazine where she is working as a motivational blogger and also as an editor. It pays her a lot. This is because her writings on charity, music, travel, and animal blogs help her gain much audience on her website.
  • Along with this, she is also very active in various community practices.
  • Lori Matsuoka is a great philanthropist and has worked a lot for the betterment and well-being of animals and humans. So she has contributed a lot to her community to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

Education Details:

When talking about the education details of Lori Matsuoka, then she has taken her higher qualification a bachelor’s degree in business and sociology. Before this, she studied at a college named Public US State Institution from where she gained a good education.

Before this, she was in a high school named Local High School in her area. So, she was a brilliant student and had always got good marks at every level of education. This is because she was a genius student who had always worked hard.

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Lori Matsuoka Net Worth:

Her net worth is about $500,000. This is all because of her profession as a blogger. Along with this, she has made many other business ventures as well. Lori Matsuoka has made a huge name in their professional blogging career. 

She has also worked for various magazines as an editor from which she has earned a good amount of income. This is all because of her dedication and loyalty to her work.

Bill Walton Net Worth:

Now we talk about the net worth of her husband Bill Walton, then it is Dollar 20 million. This is because of his sports career. He has gained this amount of net worth through his NBA career and now he is working as a sports analyst. This job also pays him a good amount of money.

FAQs About Lori Matsuoka:

1. Are there any children of Lori Matsuoka?

Ans. Lori Matsuoka and Bill Walton have no children together.

2. What is the height of Bill Walton?

Ans. His height is 6 feet 8 inches.

3. What is her eye colour?

Ans. Lori Matsuoka has brown coloured eyes.

4. What is her hair colour?

Ans. She has long black hair which looks very nice on her.


Lori Matsuoka has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. She is a very talented lady and is known for being a professional blogger. Along with this, she has also gained popularity because of her husband Bill Walton. He is a past NBA player and is a professional sports analyst as well.

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