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Maria Menounos Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Awards

Here is the detail about Maria Menounos Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Awards, and much more. Maria Menounos worked as an actress, reporter, and television host. She is famous for her work as a journalist on many popular TV shows, including Access Hollywood, Today, Extra, and others. Maria starred as Gladys in the 2006 short film Friends, her debut feature. In her professional career, she has hosted many well-known ceremonies, events, and programs, such as Extra and E! News hosting programs.

She also co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens, Greece.  Maria Menounos served as the host of the Talks with Maria Menounos podcast. She has appeared in several films, including Entourage, Paranormal Movie, Journeys of Serial Buddies, and In the Land of Merry Misfits.

Maria Menounos Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Awards

Early Life:

The eighth day of June 1978 saw the birth of Maria Menounos. Greek immigrants Costas and Litsa Menounos raised her in the Massachusetts town of Medford. Before Maria was born, Costas and Litsa Menounos kept doors at nightclubs in Boston.

The actress used to go to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. She attended Medford High. At the young age of 17, the actress made her film debut. Even at this advanced age, she created “Land of Merry Misfits.”

In 1995, she entered a variety of beauty pageants as a contestant due to her stunning appearance.

Maria Menounos Net Worth:

The well-known American journalist “Maria Menounos” has a $25 million fortune. The most prominent American journalist, Maria Menounos’ approximate net worth is around $25 Million, according to several web publications (Wikipedia, Forbes, Bloomberg).

Maria Menounos has seen tremendous success in the fields of film and television. She earned this money by charging a lot to appear in movies and television series. Maria Menounos has a contract to host well-known shows. She has experience acting and as a television personality.

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Earnings Overview:

An experienced journalist, Maria Menounos, is thought to be worth $12 million as of 2023. The 44-year-old has made a fortune in the entertainment industry through acting, wrestling, TV series, and journalism.

Maria Menounos was a prominent star in several films, including the one she produced. Young Maria entered the film industry and appeared in several films.

The Massachusetts native also earns money from various forms of entertainment in addition to performing. She also made a ton of money as a wrestler and journalist. The Emerson College alumna’s yearly salary is around $4 million.

Personal Life:

Since April 1998, Menounos has been dating a director, producer, and earlier MTV screenwriter and filmmaker, Keven Undergaro. In front of a live audience on “The Howard Stern Show” in March 2016, Undergaro proposed to Maria. They were wed on New Year’s Eve 2017 and remarried in Greece in October 2018. She has been battling meningioma, a malignant brain tumor, since June 2017.

Maria Menounos Lifestyle:

Maria Menounos is the kind of person who enjoys living in luxury. Her extravagant lifestyle is immediately apparent because she has some of the most excellent automobiles in her garage. A costly property is one of her other possessions.

In 2005, Maria Menounos, with her husband Kevin, paid $2.3 million for a house in Encino, a suburb of Los Angeles. The house has five bedrooms and sits on around an acre of land. The property is currently worth $5–6 million.

The actress is also recognized for regularly giving back to society because she thinks that being wealthy and not doing so has no impact.

Maria Menounos Career and Awards:

In 2005, Maria Menounos had her professional debut in the movie business with the release of Fantastic Four, in which she portrayed the Nurse. The audience has responded favorably to his work on this film. Later, she was given numerous opportunities in the sector. She is renowned for hosting many well-known programs and occasions, such as Extra and E! News and the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece.

She most recently appeared in the 2023 Challenge: Ride or Die episode. Her work on the television program Extra earned her the Daytime Emmy Award for Best Entertainment News Program.

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She has gained prominence in the film industry primarily due to her access to Hollywood Today and Extra. Check out Tucker Carlson’s net worth too.

3 Key Factors To Success From Maria Menounos:

Maria has credited a few aspects of her life for her extraordinary. She felt these elements helped her keep her attention on pursuing her objectives.

Consistency Is Vital To Success

She thinks that her perseverance has enabled her to achieve everything she has. Maria never became disheartened, even when she first began as a little girl. She never let anything deter her from her dreams since she was so devoted to them.

Nobody is ever too young to begin

Who would have thought a 17-year-old girl would dominate the film industry? She feels that everyone has potential, regardless of age.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

Maria Menounos had a brilliant career that included acting, wrestling, and journalism achievements. She was not scared to confront the bull head-on. So, anyone else can succeed in any field, just like she did.


Maria Menounos’ impressive career in the entertainment industry has produced an estimated $25 million net worth. Her transformation from a 17-year-old debutante to a well-known name in movies, journalism, and hosting emphasizes the value of commitment, resiliency, and bravery. Beyond her professional accomplishments, her character is highlighted by her generosity and dedication to philanthropy.

Maria Menounos is an inspiration because she shows that age is no impediment to success and that seizing new possibilities may result in success in any area. She is an example of the value of giving back to society, with a luxurious lifestyle that includes expensive cars and a multi-million dollar home. She is an incredibly fantastic lady in the entertainment industry and beyond due to her professional accomplishments and moral principles.

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