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Michelle Smallmon Wiki, Age, Radio Broadcaster, Height

Here is the detail about Michelle Smallmon Wiki, Age, Radio Broadcaster, Height, and mcuh more. Michelle Smallman is a Radio broadcaster who talks about sports on the radio. She has great knowledge about sports and talks about every matter related to sports. Her age is 38 years old but she looks so much young from her age. Michelle Smallman was born in 1986 and she celebrates her birthday on August 13. Her birth place is Belleville, USA. She is a very beautiful girl with a great figure. Her voice chases calm in people’s hearts.  There are so many fans of Michelle Smallman who listen to her from different places of the world and appreciate her speaking style.

Her voice is so cool that everyone listens to her voice. Most people who are not able to know about cricket and have no information about sports listen to her and they will learn all the information regarding sports. Her mother’s name is robin Smallmon and her father’s name is Tony. Both the mother and father of Michelle Smallman support her and allow her to become whatever she wants to do in her life.

Michelle Smallmon Wiki, Age, Radio Broadcaster, Height

Michelle Smallmon Wiki:

Michelle Smallmon has a lot of knowledge about sports and from a young age, she started searching about different things related to sports.  When she was young her aim was to spread information about sports and now she is talking about sports in front of millions of people. She has different social media accounts from where she has a lot of followers which shows the love she is getting from her fans. Millions of people listen to her on the radio and get knowledge about sports just because of Michelle Smallmon.

But her popularity did not come within a few days. She always gets up early in the morning for her job and talks about sports so that everyone can get the news of sports in the morning. It’s her hard work because of which now she is achieving success. Her success is just because of her hard work which is not converting into her success. Her voice causes joy in everyone’s life. Not only people from the USA but also people from different places lie to her voice.

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Michelle Smallmon Age:

Michelle Smallmon is a gorgeous girl. She is not just pretty by her face but also her voice is so much calm and causes great joy in everyone’s life who listens to her. Her age is 38 years but whenever you see him she looks very young.

Michelle Smallmon Net Worth:

Michelle Smallmon has a net worth of &2 million which is increasing every year. You will see a great change in her net worth from previous years. This is her success due to which she is getting a huge amount of money. She always spends her money on useful items.

Her main source of income is her job which is radio broadcasting. By talking about sports daily she gets a huge amount of views and money. Apart from these her social media accounts are also the reason for her good net worth. She is living a luxurious life as her net worth is enough to fulfill her wishes.

Michelle Smallmon Weight:

Michelle Smallman is very fit and always goes to the gym to maintain her fitness level. Her way of maintaining her weight shows how much conscious she is about her body. When you see her diet you will be shocked because she never eats unhealthy food and her diet consists of just healthy items.

Michelle Smallmon Height:

Her height is amazing which every girl wants. Michelle Smallmon is 6 feet in height which is awesome and she looks cool with her height. Her weight is 180 pounds which suits her height. She goes to the gym and exercises daily to become fit and fine so that she can do her job properly every morning.

Michelle Smallmon Hair Color:

Her hair color is Brown and her eye color is blue. Blue eyes look magical on her and take the attention of every single person who watches her. Her eyes are so pretty and there are a lot of fans of hers who just because of her eyes also. Her every feature is amazing and she is stunning and beautiful.

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Social Media Accounts:

 Michelle Smallmon has a social media account from where she has a lot of followers which shows her fan following. People from different countries follow her and admire her. Her fans want her to post daily because they want to see her pictures. Michelle Smallman is active on her social media account. Ever of her busy schedule,e she tries to reply to her fans but of course, she can’t really all her fans as they are huge in number.

  • Instagram Followers:

Talking about her Instagram account she has 25K followers on her Instagram account @msmallmon. Her all followers shower love on her whenever she posts something. They all want her to be successful and comment good things on her post. Michelle Smallman shared 454 posts on her Instagram account and she gets a huge number of likes on every post.

She became so happy after seeing the life coming from her fans. Her followers are increasing day by day and this causes motivation for her as she becomes more powerful because of the love she is getting from her fans. Her following list is 860 and they all are her close friends or some sports accounts. She shared posts mostly related to sports. Her DM is full of huge messages because many people want to talk to her.

  • Twitter Followers:

Michelle Smallman also has an account on Twitter from where she has 34.7 K followers. Her tweets are liked by many people. Both of her account has huge numbers of followers. Apart from followers, there is a huge number of people who are not her followers but they want to meet her in real life.


Michelle Smallman is the girl who does radio broadcasting about sports. Every morning people from different places listen to her. She is a very pretty girl with a beautiful voice.  Michelle Smallmon net worth is about $2 million approximately. Her mother and father always support her in her career. She is happily doing her job and getting fame day by day.

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