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Wendy Rush Net Worth, Bio, Career, Profession, Weight, Facts

Get to know about Wendy Rush net worth, early life, career highlights, husband, and marriage life in this article. Wendy Rush is a very well-known corporate executive who lives in the United States. She is also famous for being the wife of Stockton Rush. Stockton Rush is the CEO of OceanGate Incorporation. She was much highlighted when her husband Stockton Rush along with some other individuals were missing.

They were missing when they went on a Titanic submersible expedition. Along with this, she also has her own personality of being a business executive through which she has earned a big amount of money. Her hometown is the United States and she lives happily there. She has an American nationality and is Christian by religion.

Wendy Rush Net Worth, Bio, Career, Profession, Weight, Facts

Wendy Rush Net Worth:

Wendy Rush net worth is estimated to be about $2.25 million dollars. This is her updated net worth as of 2024. This net worth includes earnings from different business ventures and includes her salary as well. This is because she receives a salary from her business as well as from her husband’s business. She gets a salary of about $813,006 from OceanGate Incorporation.

So, she has a big amount of earnings in her life till now. This is the reason good amount of income from all the business deals. Moreover, she is associated with various brand endorsements as well. All these sources collectively account for her net worth. So she is living a happy and modern life with all her earnings.

Early Life:

Wendy Rush belongs to an American family. Her maiden name is Wendy Hollings Weil. She graduated from The Hotchkiss School in 1980. This school was located in Connecticut. Then she received her bachelor’s degree in 1984. This degree she got from Princeton University.

Wendy Rush has a mixed background but she has American citizenship. Her father’s name is Richard. He works in a medical company. Her mother’s name is Polly Weil. She is an interior designer by profession. Moreover, her grandparents were the main victims of the Titanic disaster that occurred in 1912.

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Wendy Rush Husband:

Wendy Rush is the wife of Stockton Rush. He was a very famous American businessman and an engineer pilot. Furthermore, he was also the CEO of OceanGate company. In June 2023, he was on a Titan expedition with some of his crew members. But he was killed there with some other people as well. This has happened in the North Atlantic.

But this was disclosed on June 22, 2023, that the people along with Stockton Rush died when the debris of the Titanic was discovered. This was a major loss for Wendy Rush but after the death of her husband, she took the responsibility of his business as well. Now she Is earning well and is known as a great businesswoman.

Physical Appearance:

When we talk about the physical appearance of Wendy Rush, she is known to be above 60 years of age. But her exact date of birth is not disclosed yet. She has a good height of 5 feet and 4 inches. Moreover, her weight is 57 kgs. Her hair color is blonde which suits her face complexion.

Along with this, Wendy Rush has brown eyes which look very stunning. She has a shoe size of 6.5. So, these are her physical aspects due to which she possesses a charming personality as well.

Wendy Rush Career Highlights:

After the completion of Wendy Rush’s higher education, she started doing various jobs. She has worked very hard to make her career. This is because she was always a hard-working lady who was dedicated to her work.

  • She worked in England as a substitute teacher right after the completion of her higher education.
  • Then she also worked as an account manager at Ladd Associates.
  • Then in 2013, Wendy Rush became a part of OceanGate Foundation in which she was a major board member.
  • Then after 4 years in 2017, she got the position of president at OceanGate Foundation. This was all because of her outstanding efforts for the company.
  • Moreover, she also worked as a communication and tracking team member in June 2021.
  • For her amazing efforts in this department, she was appointed as a communication director in 2022.
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These career details about Wendy Rush show her fulfillment of all her responsibilities. She has worked passionately for both her organizations. So this is the reason why, now she is a very successful lady and is considered one of the best businesswomen in the United States.

Quick Facts:

Husband NameStockton Rush
Net Worth2.25 million dollars
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight57 kgs
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown


1. What is the full name of Stocken Rush?

Ans. The full name of Stocken Rush is Richard Stockton Rush III.

2. What are the grandparent’s names of Wendy Rush who died in a Titanic accident?

Ans. There names were Ida and Isidor.

3. What is the purpose of the OceanGate organization?

Ans. Its main purpose is getting education and exploration of oceans.

4. When was Wendy Rush married to Stockton Rush?

Ans. They were married in 1986.

5. How many children does she have?

Ans. Wendy Rush has one daughter and a son.


Wendy Rush is a very well-known business executive. Along with being a professional woman, she is also famous for being the wife of Stockton Rush who was the CEO of OceanGate Incorporation. Wendy Rush’s net worth is about more than $2.25 million dollars.

She has made her career very bright through her tremendous performances and dedication in every field. This is the reason she is continuously succeeding and is also getting rich time by time.

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