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Charles Donald Fegert Net Worth, Bio, Career, Kids, Facts

This article depicts detailed information regarding Charles Donald Fegert net worth, biography, relationship, facts, career, etc. Charles Donald Fegert became famous because of being the husband of a celebrity actress. He is now the ex-husband of an American actress Barbara Eden. Their relationship started with much love but then they were separated and divorced.

Charles Donald Fegert has an American nationality and was born in Chicago United States. His ethnicity is caucasian. The wife’s name of Charles Donald is Barbara Eden. He was born in 1930.

Charles Donald Fegert Net Worth, Bio, Career, Kids, Facts

Charles Donald Fegert Net Worth:

If we talk about the net worth of Charles Donald it has not been disclosed yet. This is because he doesn’t earn a big amount of money. But the net worth of his ex-wife is completely announced. This is because she is a very famous personality. Her estimated net worth is about dollar 10 million. Now it is also expected to increase in 2024 because of her performances and her professional career in acting.

He has mainly earned through her actress career. This is all because of her outstanding performance dedication to her profession and she earns a good amount of money. Nowadays, after her separation from Charles Donald Fegert, he has raised her children very well.


Talking about the relationship of Charles Donald Fegert, he has married three times in his life. Also, he has gotten divorced from all three marriages. There is no information about the name and other things about his first spouse. After the divorce from his first wife, he married Trish Althaus. When she was young, she usually worked as a mannequin.

They both married each other at the Kraft Chapel’s North Shore Baptist Church. Before marriage, they dated each other for a few years. He had two children with his second wife but then things didn’t work out and they got divorced in 1970.

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Then four years later in 1974, he again started dating Barbara Eden, who is a very famous actress and American singer. At the time of their marriage Barbara Eden was also divorced from her first husband Michael George.


Charles Donald Fegert had three kids all together with his two wives. He had one daughter and two sons. His daughter’s name was Lisa Fegert. While his son’s names were Michael and Chip. They all lived together very happily. When Charles Donald was divorced, the kids lived with him. Even though he had also experienced seven grandchildren from his offspring.

So at the time of his death, all the people were with him including his sons, daughter, and seven grandchildren. All the grandchildren have praised Charles Donald Fegert for his humble attitude towards everyone. His sons and daughter were also very sad at his demise but they were continuously sharing the positive and light behavior of Charles Donald towards everyone.

Charles Donald Fegert Education:

Charles Donald Fegert was a very educated man with a bachelor’s degree. Starting from his school life, he was admitted to South Shore High School. This school was located in Chicago where he completed his matriculation degree. After that, he took wastted to Loyola University.

This university was situated in Chicago. He got a degree of Bachelor’s of Business Administration from this university. He was a very hardworking student who completed his degree with good grades.

Career Details:

  • Coming to the career details of Charles Donald Fegert, he started his career from Coast Guard where he worked very passionately.
  • When he graduated in 1955, then he worked as a salesman at Sun-Times. He has a boosting sales performance in that company for which the company also gave him much bonus. He was much applauded because of his outstanding skills and performance in the company.
  • Then in 1969, he was hired by a news company Daily News. He was a very kind and humble person.
  • After working with Daily News for some time, he got his promotion. He was promoted to be the vice president of the marketing and advertising department. He always worked very humbly with his co-workers and workers. There was no complaint of Charles Donald from anyone in his company.
  • Moreover, he also worked in restaurants, oil wells, and sales shops to earn a good living.
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Charles Donald Fegert Death:

Charles Donald died in 2002. His death place was Chicago where he lived his whole life. He did not have any disease or bad health. It was a natural death and now he is buried peacefully in Chicago. At the time of his death, his age was 72.

FAQs About Charles Donald Fegert:

1. What is the current marital status of Charles Donald Fegert?

Ans. He is a divorcee.

2. What was the age of Charles Donald when he died?

Ans. He was 72 years old.

3. What was the profession of his second wife Trish Althaus?

Ans. Trish Althaus was a model by profession.

4. What is the name of his third wife?

Ans. His third and ex wife name was Barbara Eden.

5. Who was the first husband of Barbara Eden?

Ans. His name was Michael George Ansara. He was an American screen actor.

Quick Facts:

SonMichael, Chip
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlonde


Charles Donald Fegert is known for being the ex-husband of Barbara Eden who is a very famous actress. They both shared a great bond but things didn’t work out. Due to this, they both got separated.

Even after that, Charles Donald was known in public because of being the ex-husband of Barbara Eden. He got much fame only because of his third wife. He did not marry again after his third divorce.

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