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Anna May Wong Quarter Worth, History, Facts, Coins Detail

Here is the detail of Anna May Wong Quarter Worth, History, Facts, Coins Detail, and much more. Anna May Wong Quarter is a coin named after the first American film actress Anna May Wong Quarter. She was born in 1905 in Los Angeles. She was the first lady to be the part of American Women Quarters Program. This program mainly describes the achievements and contributions of the notable women of American history.

She was a very influential American lady. Also, her quarter was released becaushe wasing a part of this American Women’s Quarter Program. This heavily circulating coin is designed based on her legacy.

Anna May Wong Quarter Worth, History, Facts, Coins Detail

Anna May Wong Quarter Worth:

Anna May Wong Quarter as a currency has the same value as other quarters. It is 25 cents for other quarters. However many sources claim that Anna May Wong Quarter worth is $0.75 cents. If it is in good condition, then it can have a value of $3-$4. Thus, it is a special currency having a good worth as compared to other quarters in America.

This was all because of the brave and inspiring lady Anna May Wong, who faced harsh discrimination but never gave up. Instead, she stood as a firm actress in Hollywood from Chinese Chinese-American background.

Anna May Wong Quarter Error:

The recent error coin of Anna May Wong Quarter is the Anna May Wong Tear Drop 2022-P quarter error. This coin has a due mark on it which resembles a tear drop on one cheek of Wong. This coin is expensive and very special which sells for $2. It can be $4 as well depending on the condition of the coin.

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Anna May Wong Career:

Anna May Wong’s parents were Chinese American. Her father had a laundry business and he wanted her to take an interest in it. But Anna May Wong was completely not interested in his business. Rather she was much attracted by the films and movies. She was the first child to have a passion for being an actor in her family.

After that, she became famous when she started her career in acting. She overcame all the discriminative behaviors and racist attitudes of the people and became the first Asian American to be a famous and well-known film actress in Hollywood.

Facts about Anna May Wong:

Following are some interesting facts about Anna May Wong:

  • She was dedicated to a Hollywood Walk of Fame speech by Lucy Liu.
  • She knew German and French as well apart from her native language which was Chinese and English.
  • She was the second child in her family and had six siblings.
  • Anna May also had an affair with Marshall Neilan who was the director of a known silent film.

When was Anna May Wong’s Quarter Released?

In 2021, a US government agency named as US Mint announced that they are going to release 5 new quarters in that year. This company has served as a department of treasury in the US and was responsible for the regulation of different coins. It announced that the coins they will release will be featuring the historical American women.

So the fifth woman who was selected to be featured on the back of the fifth coin was Anna May Wong. She was the final woman whose image was imposed on the back side of the quarter. Then after its completion, the Anna May Wong Quarter was released finally and officially on 24th October 2022. From that time, this quarter has a great value and is also much preferred in America.

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Anna May Wong was an American Chinese actress who faced much racism because of her background. But she faced all with courage and pursued her career as an actress in Hollywood. She was a very inspiring lady and a member of the American Women’s Quarter Program. Due to this program, her coin was released with her photo on it.

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