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Matthew Pierce Hanson Net Worth, Career, Age, Wife Name


Here is the detail of Matthew Pierce Hanson Net Worth, Career, Age, Wife Name, and much more. Matthew Pierce Hanson has been in the limelight because of his wife, Rebecca Jarvis. She is an American journalist and has also worked as an investment banker in the past times. Right now, she is 42 years old and they both are living happily with each other. Matthew Pierce Hanson was born in 1971. His parents names are Cynthia L. Hanson and Craig H. Hanson. Right now he is working as a finance professional.

Along with this, according to the reports, it is considered that Matthew Pierce Hanson is working for the New York Times. He is considered a partner of GSV Asset Management Company in the New York office. So the main profession of Matthew Pierce Hanson is right now as a financial professional and he is experiencing a high growth in that technology company in which he is working.

Matthew Pierce Hanson Net Worth, Career, Age, Wife Name

Matthew Pierce Hanson Net Worth:

Coming to Matthew Pierce Hanson’s net worth, it is $1 million as of February 2024. This is an estimated amount and his exact net worth is not known till now. This is because he earns through multiple sources. All the sources include his professional career, different business involvement, and different business investments. Along with this, he also earns through various sponsorship deals.

However, he is a person who wants to keep everything private and does not disclose everything to social media. So, he has not disclosed his exact net worth till now. But it is assumed that he is earning approximately Dollar 1 million or more than this. This is because of his continuous hard work which makes him successful In his career. Along with this, he earns enough to feed his family and live a moderate life.

Matthew Pierce Hanson Wife:

When we talk about the wife of Matthew Pierce Hanson, then Rebecca Jarvis is his wife. She is a journalist by profession and works for the American journalist team. She is right now 42 years old and was born on 28 September 1981. Rebecca Jarvis got married to Matthew Pierce Hanson in 2012. She a very famous personality and she is the reason for the fame Matthew Pierce Hanson has had throughout his life.

Rebecca Jarvis is a very stunning lady with complete determination in her life. Moreover, she always loves to work hard this is the reason she has achieved too much success in her career and is now working as a professional head journalist in America. Along with this, she also manages the house chores very efficiently. This is the reason for her happy marriage with Matthew Pierce Hanson.

Marriage Details:

Considering the marriage of Matthew Pierce Hanson got married on January 28, 2012, to Rebecca Jarvis. This was a very grand ceremony that was held in Minnesota. It comprised of the relatives from both sides was a very delightful marriage. They both were satisfied and happy after getting married and till now they are living very happily with each other.

Before marriage, they were dating each other and Matthew Pierce Hanson proposed to Rebecca Jarvis in December 2010. But then after 2 years, they got married. This was a college friendship that has turned into a very beautiful relationship. They both share a very humble and good bond. In addition to this, they have a daughter as well who was born in 2019.

Social Media Fan Following:

When we talk about the social media following of Matthew Pierce Hanson, he does not have active social media platforms. This is because he does not love to be on social media highlights every time. This is the reason he has not made his account and rather he has no followers on any of the social media profiles.

But when we consider his wife Rebecca Jarvis, then she has a very active Instagram account with a high fan following. So following are the details of Rebecca Jarvis’s Instagram on which she posts her pictures with her husband Matthew Pierce Hanson.

Rebecca Jarvis Instagram:

Rebecca Jarvis’s Instagram profile has 85K followers on it. She has posted 2217 posts till now and right now she has 790 followers on her Instagram account @rebeccajarvis. Her Instagram profile is run by her manager. This is because she is a great host at the dropout broadcast as well along with her financial career so she is very busy but she posts different posts related to her family work and professional business.

This is all because of her practice and determination that she is gaining much success. The high amount of followers on her Instagram account is also valuable for her because she is paid in return and this all adds to her net worth.


When it comes to parenting, Matthew Pierce Hanson is a proud father who has a daughter named Isabel Noemi. She was born on 20th February 2019. Her first photo was shared by her mother Rebecca Jarvis on February 26 on Instagram. At that time, Matthew Pierce Hanson was joyful for his daughter.

They live very happily with each other and enjoy going to various destinations across the United States. So, when we talk about parenting done by Matthew Pierce Hanson, it is very nice and he teaches good gestures to his daughter as well. This is all because of his determined personality and humble attitude towards everyone.


Matthew Pierce Hanson has a good financial career in the New York Times. His wife’s name is Rebecca Jarvis she is also a famous American journalist. They both earn well enough to feed their family. They possess a good relationship with each other. Matthew Pierce Hanson also has one daughter. All of them live together happily in the United States.



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