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Tulip Victoria Khaury Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Height

Here is the detail about Tulip Victoria Khaury Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Height, and much more. Tulip Victoria Khaury was born on May 10, 1971, and is 52 years old. Her nationality is American, and she is Caucasian with Lebanese and Jewish Belarusian ancestors. She purposefully stays off social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to protect her privacy.

Tulip Victoria Khaury Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Height

Tulip Victoria Khaury Net Worth:

He leads an opulent existence as a famous daughter. Her professional experience is still unknown, but her present employment has contributed to her $1 Million net worth. Not only that, but her father, Tiny Tim, is said to be worth an estimated $250,000. In a similar vein, Eddie Fisher, the late American singer and actor, departed this life with a sizeable net worth of over $30 million.


NameTulip Victoria Khaury
Birthday May 10, 1971
Birth PlaceAmerica
Age52 years
Net Worth1$ Million


Tulip On May 10, 1971, Victoria Lombardi, well known as Miss Vicki, and Herbert Buckingham Khaury, best known for his stage as Tiny Tim, welcomed a daughter, Victoria Khaury. She was among the most well-known figures from “A Christmas Carol,” a story by Charles Dickens.

Little is known about Tulip Victoria Khaury’s life after her father passed away because she vanished from view, but we do know that she is married and goes as Tulip Khaury Stewart. Jade, Trey, and Zarya, Tulip Victoria Khaury’s three children, resided in Newcastle, Pennsylvania, with their father, William Ervin Stewart, according to an AP article that was published in the Titusville newspaper.

Despite having three marriages, Tulip Victoria Khaury is Tiny Tim’s lone kid and daughter. Tulip Victoria was Budinger’s daughter, born in 1971. Three years later, Tiny Tim and Victoria Budinger were divorced.

Tulip Due to Victoria Khaury’s secrecy, nothing is known about her professional background, her children’s lives, her spouse, or whether she is still married. Given that she gave birth to them when they were young, her children are now all adults.

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Tulip Victoria Khaury Age:

Born on May 10, 1971, Tulip Victoria Khaury is an American media figure who is 52 years old. She rose to fame as Tiny Tim’s only daughter and vanished after her father passed away.

Personal Life:

She is currently married to Edward Alfredo. The pair have been together for a considerable amount of time. No kids are living with them.

Willie Ervin Stewart was Tulip’s former husband. Four beautiful children were born to the former couple: three daughters, Cherice Williams, Jade Williams, and Zharia Stewart, and a son, Trey Stewart.

Professional Career Of Tulip Victoria Khaury:

There needs to be proper information about her career. Still, her parents’ careers are as follows: Tulip. The 1968 popular song “Tiptoe Through the Tulips,” which he sang in a falsetto voice, made Victoria Khaury’s father famous. He was well-known for his unusual looks, in addition to his musical abilities.

Livin’ In the Sunling, Lovin’ In the Moon Light, Great Balls of Fire, Strawberry Tea, Living in the Sunling, and many more are among his most popular songs from his storied career.

Conversely, Miss Vicki used to be a retired entertainer and gave numerous performances. On April 20, 1952, in Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA, Vicki was born. For a brief while, she used to perform in Minnie’s Go-Go Lounge.

Height and Weight Of Tulip Victoria Khaury:

Tulip Victoria stands at approximately 5 feet and 7 inches (1.65 meters) in height, with a weight of around 58 kilograms (127.86 pounds).

Affairs Of Tulip Victoria Khaury:

Tulip In terms of her private life, Victoria Khaury has remained very discreet. Tulip’s mother, Victoria Lombardi, was interviewed for a 1995 news report and provided some fascinating observations.

Tulip Victoria Khaury marital status was a closely kept secret, so for a very long period, many people were anxious to know if she was married or not. Eventually, though, it was evident that she had been married for a considerable amount of time. There was a notion that William Ervin Stewart was Tulip’s spouse. She changed her name to Tulip Khaury Stewart after marrying William. Furthermore, the report suggests that she may have an additional child, expanding her family to three children in total.

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Where is Tulip Victoria Khaury Now?

At the moment, Victoria Tulip Khaury resides in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She has returned to her work after taking a sabbatical to concentrate on being a homemaker. She works at Avalon Holding Corporation as a member services associate at the moment.

Broad-scale clients, including the government, municipalities, business, and industrial sectors, are among the broad clientele that Avalon serves with waste management services. They also run and own a country club and golf course. As a member services associate, Khaury deals with clients and finds solutions to their issues.

Tulip’s Second Oldest Daughter Passed Away In 2022:

Tulip had a horrible event when her little daughter Jade passed away. The terrible incident happened on November 30, 2020. She was 27 years old and a resident of New Castle at the time of her death.

The family did not disclose the precise reason for her death. Her three children, Nora, Vera, and Hezekiah Williams, were the most tragically left behind when she passed away.

Facts About Tulip Victoria Khaury:

  • Tulip Victoria Khaury is fifty-two years old, having been born on May 10, 1971.
  • She is a Caucasian American from Belarus who has Jewish and Lebanese roots.
  • Her parents are Tiny Tim star Herbert Buckingham Khaury and Victoria Lombardi, also known as Miss Vicki.
  • Tulip’s earnings from her career are said to have contributed to her present estimated net worth of $100,000.
  • Her father, Tiny Tim, is said to be worth about $250,000, while the late American singer and actor Eddie Fisher was worth more than $30 million.
  • Tulip was formerly married to Willie Ervin Stewart and is currently married to Edward Alfredo.
  • Trey Stewart, Zharia Stewart, Jade Williams (dead), and Cherice Williams are her children.
  • After marrying William Ervin Stewart, she became Tulip Khaury Stewart.

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