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How did Rhonda Rookmaaker meet Jimmy Johnson?

This article will describe the general details about Rhonda Rookmaaker and How did Rhonda Rookmaaker meet Jimmy Johnson? Rhonda Rookmaaker is a hairdresser by profession and is known for being the wife of Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy Johnson is a well-known American sports coach, who has made his career outstanding in the NFL. He is an American coach who has gained popularity through his hard work, determination and experienced coaching career.

While Rhonda Rookmaaker worked as a hairdresser at Coral Gable Salon which was located at the University of Miami. Talking about her husband is 80 years old and is a successful football coach. Right now, he is serving as an American sports analyst as well.

How did Rhonda Rookmaaker meet Jimmy Johnson

How did Rhonda Rookmaaker meet Jimmy Johnson?

Rhonda Rookmaaker meet Jimmy Johnson when she was working at Coral Gabral salon. This salon was located at the University of Miami. In that university, Jimmy Johnson also served as a football coach in 1984. At that time, Johnson was married to Linda Ke Cooper. At that time, they remain in a good friendship after 6 years from their first meeting.

Jimmy Johnson announced his divorce from his first wife, Linda Cooper. At that time, he was serving as a head coach at the Dallas Cowboys. Also, he was not interested in any relationships.

Then, in the Dallas Cowboys, Rhonda Rookmaaker also joined Jimmy. Then their friendship turns into a very good and long-lasting relationship. After 15 years of their journey as good friends, Jimmy Johnson and Rhonda Rookmaaker were engaged. Their engagement was made in January 1998.

Then, after a year, they both got married on 18th July 1999 and started their marriage journey. They started living very happily with their two children, who were from the first wife of Jimmy Johnson.

Rhonda Rookmaaker Spouse:

Jimmy Johnson is the spouse of Rhonda Rookmaaker. He was born on 16th July 1943 and is now 80 years old. He has two children named Brent Johnson and Chad Johnson. His full name is James William Johnson. He has served as a former head football coach from 1979 in his college.

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He has retired from football coaching and is now a sports analyst in America. Jimmy Johnson got married to Rhonda Rookmaaker who was a hairdresser by profession, after that she also got a lot of fame.

Jimmy Johnson Career:

Talking about the career of Jimmy Johnson, he has got fame from being the coach of the NFL. But now he is known for his outstanding work as a sports analyst.

  • He works on Fox NFL Sunday and analyzes different sports, especially football.
  • Moreover, he was also included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2020.
  • Then, previously, in 1992 and 1993, when he was the head coach of different football teams, those teams won consecutive NFL Championships.
  • He has also coached many college teams in his time.
  • Moreover, he has written a book on his football coaching career. The book is called Turning the Thing Around, My Life in football.

Rhonda Rookmaaker’s Early Life:

She is female by gender. She was born on 1st July 1954 in America. Her age is 70 years as of 2024. Currently, she lives in the Florida Keys in the United States of America. She has an American nationality and possesses a mixed ethnicity.

She has a straight sexuality and was married to Jimmy Johnson. Her zodiac sign is cancer, and she has a hairdresser profession at various salons.


20 years have passed in the marriage life of Rhonda Rookmaaker and Jimmy Johnson, but they don’t have any children. But they are living very happily with two boys. These are the children of Jimmy Johnson from his first marriage to Linda K Cooper.

Now they are grown-up boys and are living happily with Jimmy Johnson and Rhonda Rookmaaker. Their names are Brant Johnson and Chad Johnson.

  • Brent Johnson
  • Chad Johnson

Net Worth of Jimmy Johnson:

Jimmy Johnson has served as a football coach for a very long time. He was also the coach of the National Football League through which he earned a very high amount of money. Along with that, he worked as a sports analyst and live broadcaster. This was the job that was the major source of his income.

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Now his net worth is approximately $45 million. This is a good amount of income that he earns from his coaching career as well as from the sports analyst profession.

His coaching career was outstanding, and his broadcasting abilities were also very successful in different leagues. Along with that, he has endorsed many brands as well through which he earns a good amount of money at the end of the year.

Rhonda Rookmaaker Age:

Talking about the age of Rhonda Rookmaaker is going to be 71 years old as of July 2024. She has maintained herself very much that she does not look old according to her age. She looked very slim and smart. This is all because of her fitness and workout routine that she follows.

Moreover, she also has a good diet that makes her fit and fine at this age as well. She looks very stunning at this age as well and this is the reason her husband, Jimmy Johnson, is also very fond of her along with her fans.

FAQs About Rhonda Rookmaaker:

1. What is the hair color of Rhonda Rookmaaker?

Ans. Her hair colour is blonde.

2. What color eyes do Rhonda Rookmaaker have?

Ans. She looks beautiful with brown-coloured eyes.

3. What is the net worth of Jimmy Johnson?

Ans. His net worth is more than $45 million.

4. When did Rhonda Rookmaaker get married to Jimmy Johnson?

Ans. They married on 18th July 1999.


Rhonda Rookmaaker became famous through her husband Jimmy Johnson. They both love happily now with their two sons. Jimmy Johnson also earns a massive income through his sports analyst profession. Moreover, Rhonda Rookmaaker is a hairdresser who is now living peacefully in her house.

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