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Who is Melissa Ann Piavis Ex Husband?

Are you looking for Who is Melissa Ann Piavis Ex-Husband, you are at the right place where you will get complete details. Melissa Ann Piavis is the ex-wife of Paul Wight who is the superstar of WWE. She is very famous and has a fan following because of her ex-husband who was famous worldwide. They both were married each other in 1997 and till 2002 they shared beautiful couple moments as a couple. People love them as a couple but unfortunately, they both parted ways away.

This news made everyone sad. Melissa Ann Piavis is a very pretty and good-looking girl. She loves her ex-husband but due to certain reasons, she has to break up with him. Still, now Melissa is a very beautiful girl and people all over the world love her. She has a very good heart and treats her fans nicely. This makes her a star.

Who is Melissa Ann Piavis Ex Husband

Who is Melissa Ann Piavis Ex-Husband?

Melissa Ann Piavis has an ex-husband whose name is Paul Wright. He is very famous and has a lot of fans all over the world. He is a professional wrestler and people love him a lot. Paul Wright also has a very great heart and nicely treats his fans. Apart from wrestler, he was also a commentator on Web Television shows. He has a lot of money and he spends his money on his family also. People gave him the name Bug Show because of his amazing performance in the World Wrestling Federation.

He maintains his body by going to the gym and taking care of his health so that he can easily compete with his opponents and defeat them. He always defeats his opponents and now is very famous worldwide. His fans from different regions can see and watch his wrestling competitions. He has a huge height of 7 ft which is very large and he looks very giant in this height. Now he has 3 children and with Melissa Ann Piavis, he has only one daughter whom he loves a lot.

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Melissa Ann Piavis Relationship:

Melissa Ann Piavis married Paul Wight in 1997. He was a great player for WWE. He is a great star but loves his wife a lot. They both were happily married until some bad scenes came and they had to leave each other. Still, they have feelings for each other and now both are happily living their life. Paul Wright is a great man and they both have a baby daughter. Their daughter was also cute and pretty like her mom Melissa Ann Piavis.

Both of them saw each other in 1995 and after dating for 2 years, they finally married each other and shared happy moments. On 6 February 2002, they got divorced from each other and now they are happily living their lives alone. Fans were curious to know why this amazing couple left each other but they both don’t share the reason for their divorce.

Physical Appearance:

Melissa Ann Piavis is a very good-looking girl. She looks very attractive and has fans because of her beautiful features. Talking about eye colour, she has brown eye colour which suits her. People fall in love with her eyes also. She doesn’t have too much long height but her height is 5’2 and her weight is approximately 50 kg.

As she has normal height which looks good on her. She has a very soft heart and treats everyone nicely in a great manner. She never talks to her fans in a bad way and always tries to make them happy. This is her beautiful nature that attracts everyone and now she is a very good star.

Height5 feet 2 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Melissa Ann Piavis Net Worth:

The net worth of Melissa Ann Piavis is $1 million. The main income was because of her ex-husband who was very famous and had a lot of money. But after he left her, she tried to become financially independent and now is considered in the name of a millionaire. She always tries to save money and waste money on waste items. But whenever she wants to buy anything useful, she goes and buys. She spends her money on poor people also and helps them. As she has a lot of followers on her accounts, she also got money from her account.

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Melissa Ann Piavis also makes investments and tries to buy big items that can help her in the future. Melissa Ann Piavis spent her money on her family also and let them buy everything they wanted. There are so many businesses of her also from where she got money and now has a huge amount of net worth of $1 million which is a very big amount of money.

Quick Facts About Melissa Ann Piavis:

Husband NamePaul Wight
Daughter NameCierra Wight
Birth dateMay 30, 1996
Age57 years old
Father NameJames Piavis
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown

FAQs About Melissa Ann Piavis:

1. Who is the ex-husband of Melissa Ann Piavis?

Ans. The ex-husband of Melissa Ann Piavis was Paul Wight.

2. What is the net worth of Melissa Ann Piavis?

Ans. The net worth of Melissa Ann Piavis is $1 million.

3. How many children does Melissa have with her ex-husband?

Ans. Both have only one daughter.

4. What is the height of Melissa Ann Piavis?

Ans. The height of Melissa Ann Piavis is 5 feet 2 inches.


Melissa Ann Piavis was the beautiful wife of Paul Wight. They got divorced in 2000 and now they are happily living their lives. They both have a daughter who is very cute and attractive. Her ex-husband Paul is a famous wrestler who has a huge fan following. The net worth of Melissa Ann Piavis is $1 million. She is very beautiful and has a lot of fans all over the world who love her and give her respect.

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